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Handpicked Hotels

Every city has many different hotels and each one of it provides a different service. We at Travelers rest BB ensure that we pick the finest of all the hotels available in the city before we have it enlisted on the site. Our customers are our priority and we want to give our best service possible.


World Class Service

Have you ever get to have a world class experience? If your answer is a “No”, then we are here to fulfill that wish of yours. Our professionals have honed the skills to ensure that each and every customer who visits our site searching for a specific service will receive a world class service as a matter of fact.


Best Price Guarantee

The economy in the present situation is skyrocketing and almost everything has become quite expensive. Most of the services or products which you find are often expensive and not pocket-friendly. We have taken this situation into consideration and we have ensured that every possible service which you will find on our site are absolutely affordable and pocket-friendly as well


Yes, you can change the location of your pickup on the app itself or you can make a call to the driver and inform the location where you want to board the cab and our driver will be at your location for your pickup.
It is essential for you to provide your registered mobile number and email id for confirmation of your registration and keep you posted with all the information related to your trip or event.
Yes, there are discount offers available for the travelers who book through our site. We clearly say that we guarantee the best price and we do keep it up to it.
Cancellation charges will be applied according to the time you are canceling it and the rest of your money will be refunded back to you.
We accept VISA, Mastero, and American Express, Discover, Mastercard, RuPay debit & credit cards for all your online transactions with us.
There is an option for you to sign up on our website or else you can also sign in to the site directly through your social media account.

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Our Mission

Travelers rest BB in simple words is your one stop solution for all your travel and special occasion needs. We have been able to bring different services under roof and our teams have together to provide the best customer-oriented services. It is essential for us to build the bridges to connect with all the service providers and our unity has proved that we are a strong team to make even Move Mountains.